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Impingement IQF - Flat Belt

For the most visually appealing results while maintaining nutritious value, our steel belt freezer offers unbeatable freezing ability.




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Impingement Principle

Impingement principle uses thousands of air streams with super cold temperature and high pressure – velocity – volume, jet directly to both upper and lower surfaces of product. The results are the ultra-fast process of destroying heat barriers around product and freezing the core within minutes.

Thanks to the impingement principle, ice crystal formation inside frozen products is minimum and helps to reserve the cell structure, smell, shape, and taste. This principle furtherly reduces dehydration and saves operation energy.


Freezer Insulation Panel

Insulation panels are manufactured by EU foaming machines and press tables, with high pressure injection technology, and cyclopentane as blowing agent.

  • Wall and ceiling panel

    • 150mm thickness PU insulation panel, density 40÷42kg/m³

    • 0.5mm (inside) and 1.0mm (outside) cladded stainless steel 304


  • Floor panel

    • 150mm thickness PU insulation panel, density 40÷42kg/m³

    • 1.5mm (inside) cladded stainless steel 304

    • Unibody design for complete waterproof

    • Slope design for complete water drainage


  • Maintenance doors

    • 125mm thickness PU insulation doors, density 40÷42kg/m³

    • Hinges and handles made of stainless steel or plastic, from EU brands

    • All doors equiped with gasket, anti-frost heaters, and open-from-inside mechanism

Conveyor Belt

The mesh belt conveyor is made for F&B industry especially for seafood processing, by using high thermal conductivity stainless-steel that satisfies hygiene standard.

Mesh belt is design with latest eye-link pattern instead of traditional design, for longer life cycle and less belt stretching after long operation. All the mesh belts are supplied from well-known manufacturers in EU.

All structural mechanic on IQF is made of stainless steel 304, for fully hygienic and comply with most difficult food safety standard.




Evaporator Coils

Germany-made evaporators equip with stainless-steel coils and aluminium fins.

Fin pitch at the most frost area is 24mm, it gets thicker gradually and at the least frost area the spacing is 10mm.

Liquid method is refrigerant pump and defrost method is by water. The evaporators are supplied by famous suppliers such as Thermofin, Guntner, Kelvion (EU).



High Performance Fans

Fans are made with special aluminum alloy, super lightweight but high efficiency for low energy consumption, they are supplied from renowned Ziehl-Abegg or Rosenberg (Germany).

Fans motor power at 5.5kW with IP55 standard, for complete heat and humidity insulation. These motors operate throughout -55°C environment with no problem. Motor casings will not rust during their lifetime thanks to the special Nickel plating and Chrome coating. These motors are supplied by ABB or WEG (EU).


Control Cabinet

Electrical control box is made from stainless-steel with IP54, specifically designed for low temperature and high humidity environment. Circuit breakers are from well-known EU, USA, or Japan brands, such as Rockwell, Schneider, Siemens ABB, and Mitsubishi


SCADA INTEGRATED SYSTEM VIA Siemens (Germany) or Rockwell (USA) PLC will display operation information through a 10.4” or 12” HMI placed directly on each control cabinet.

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