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Impingement IQF - Mesh Belt

A solution for the need to freeze wide product range with efficiency. Our mesh belt freezers operate perfectly for fruit, agriculture, and seafood.




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High Capacity

Low Energy Consumption

Long Lifetime Operation

Introducing our latest JetCool Impingement Mesh Belt IQF.

The most efficient IQF ever

At our Research & Development facility, teams of engineers collaborate to deliver to you the best IQF you can have. Now our IQF can freeze more with less energy consumption.

Using latest aerodynamics technology infused with high efficiency equipment, customer can now enjoy a 10% higher freezing capacity with our IQF, while lowering 15% the energy consumption on daily operation basis.

Impingement Technology

Each of our IQF applies the impingement heat exchanging technology, where thousand of air streams at low temperature are jetted directly onto the products, destroying heat barrier in extremely short time.

This advanced feature increases freezing perfomance 3X comparing with traditional freezers. Customer can freeze more product in a same period.

State-of-art Insulation Panel

We complete the IQF with a beautiful insulation panel. Not only the IQF is now powerful but also it is stunning.

The insulation panel is manufactured under German and Italian cutting edge technology, allowing us to fabricate thicker-than-before panel to save more energy while operating.

PU are high pressure mixed to form complete bubble free, while cladded with cleanroom grade stainless steel.

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